Tips for travelling to Bali for the first time

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So finally I went to Bali for the first time and guess what? I loved it so much. However, I had to do alot of research on the internet to get information and this I found exhausting. It is therefore with great pleasure that I share my knowledge with you of the most important things you need to know about travelling to Bali.

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Check if your country has a free visa entry for 30 days or you can pay US $35 on arrival for 30 days


May, June, July and August are the high seasons because there’s barely any rain and mild temperatures. Sept and April are best to travel if you want to save money with relatively good weather. October to March are low seasons because it’s hot and rainy.

Money Exchange

Use big Official exchange places. It should say NO COMMISION. Small exchange places with a high counter table offer better rates BUT they are a scam.

Travel Insurance

Rule of thumb: If you are travelling internationally, BUY insurance. When you least expect something to happen, that’s when it happens. Plus Bali is a High risk destination according to government websites.

Law Enforcement

Play by the rules if accused of something unjust by the police. Tourists don’t get special treatment. However be alert especially when being searched by police.

Airport Arrival

Know your starting point and choose it carefully. It will save you money and time. Use metered taxi from the airport (Bluebird taxis are best). Otherwise most hotels have hotel buses.


  • Cover up in temples. It’s respectful. Most temples have sarongs to give otherwise always carry one.
  • Bargain, at the markets, for transport, hotels, food and many more. But do it respectfully.
  • Wear a helmet with a strap when riding a scooter. Note – most travel insurance companies don’t cover scooter related  accidents.
  • Avoid stepping on ceremonial offerings on the streets
  • Drink a Bintang and party safe


  • Drink tap water, only drink bottled water.
  • Drive a car, hire a driver. Bali roads are very narrow, with minimal signage.
  • Touch people’s heads. It is disrespectful to Hindu religion
  • Do drugs. Bali laws are so strict, you might end up with a death sentence.
  • Go to Bali without insurance.

Live your colourful adventure!

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