Ten questions you should ask before visiting Jordan

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An example of what to wear in Jordan.

May of 2016 I went to Jordan for the first time in my life. I kind of had an Idea of what to expect but at the same time I felt like I didn’t.

Below are therefore  questions I wanted answered before I went to Jordan, be informed and plan your next trip.

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  1. Where is Jordan?

Is an Arab kingdom right in the middle of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine yet surprisingly it’s the safest country in the middle East. Please find an interactive map on the right hand side of this page (widget area).

Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

  1. What is Jordan about?

Jordan’s population is made up of mainly Palestinians, Syrians and people from other parts of the middle east.

Islam is the dominant religion but I found the country to be liberal.

The capital city of Jordan is Amman and the main airport is Amman Queen Alia international airport.

Jordan is also known for harbouring several biblical sites including, the Jordan River where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, Mount Nebo where Moses died, as well as the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah among others 

(Ref: The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible).

  1. Is Jordan safe?

It relies a lot on tourism because it doesn’t have many natural resources. Therefore they ensure the safety of tourists.

  1. How do I enter the country?
  • Pre order the Jordan pass at bit.ly/jordanpass (70 JOD), which gives you free entrance into the country through Amman Alia international airport. However it also gives you entrance to most of the main attractions such as Petra.
  • You can also get the visa on arrival from the airport. Cost is 40 JOD
  • Alternatively you can fly in through Aqaba and enter the country for free. It is a low tax and duty free city.
  1. What currency is used in Jordan?

They use the Jordanian Dinars which is higher or equivalent to UK pounds. Please find a currency converter on the right hand side of this page (widget area).

Tip: Save up a lot because Jordan is more on the expensive side unfortunately.

  • Locals showing me Jordanian hospitality.
  1. What kind of accommodation will I find in Jordan?

Hotels in Jordan range from really cheap to expensive, it’s all up to you and what your preference is. There are also motels and hostels  especially in touristic destinations. 

Solo travelling is more than affordable and safe. So all kinds of travellers will find what they want.

  1. What is the best form of Transport to use in Jordan?
  • The JETT bus is really good for touristic attractions outside of Amman
  • Private car is the best option if travelling with other people. It’s safe, time saving and comfortable
  • Taxis are always good but a bit pricey.
  • Local bus is the cheapest option however the conditions are not conducive in regards to time saving because the bus only leaves when it is full.

Tip: In local buses men and women DO NOT sit together so be mindful.

  1. What can I wear?

Men can wear anything as usual.

Women can wear anything on the bottom that covers three quarters of your legs. And any tops that cover up to your shoulder. A headscarf is not necessary but when in hot arid areas, it’s good for protecting yourself from dust and being sun burnt.

  1. What is the Weather like in Jordan?

High season with perfect weather is March to May (best for visiting the desert). 

Low season with extreme weather is June to August.

And shoulder months are September to February with low prices. The choice is yours.

Tip: In Amman the weather can be temperamental. So keep a warm sweater with you always.

  • One of the Hotels in Jordan.
  1. How long do I stay?

You can stay anywhere from a week onwards depending on how much money you saved up and what you want to do. You can even do a day or couple of days trip to Israel as it is really close.

I hope this information will help clear some stereotypes about Jordan. Keep an eye out for part two of Jordan memoirs. It will be about top tourist attractions.

Live your colourful adventure!

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