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Ticking off bucket list items is so exhilarating.

The most asked question on my social media is how I manage to travel all the time. So, I have decided to finally write about it and I hope it puts your wondering minds to rest.

Fun fact 1: A lot of people assume that I travel more than I work because of my social media status; sadly, that is not true. I usually do two big international trips of 4-6 weeks a year and lots of short ones in between.

Fun fact 2: I post pictures of my travels continuously especially once I come back from traveling because; I don’t always have time to edit the pics and I don’t have consistent internet connection while on the road.

Now I will let you in on my strategies of making regular travel a reality.

1. Make it a priority. If you want something so bad, you do everything possible to make it happen. Once I realised I really wanted to see the world, I made a commitment, eliminated any distractions, opened a bank account for my travel and consistently deposited money in it. Therefore, whenever there was a sale on flights, I had money ready to book it.

2. Plan your holidays ahead from work. Planning is key to any successful business or project. For example, I book my holidays from work 6-12 months ahead of time. Even if I don’t have anything planned at the time, I just book time off work, so that it prompts me to start planning. It takes away any pressures of last minute bookings which can lead to mistakes.
If you don’t get a lot of holidays, then plan on long weekends where public holidays fall on Monday and travel interstate or to a nearby country. It all counts and enriches your life.

The ocean/ sea is so healing to the soul.

3. Research the places you want to go to, and keep watch for flight deals and packages to keep costs low as well as travel smart. Some of my go to websites/ social media to research about destinations include; Flight centre, I know the pilot, sky scanner, Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Instagram, YouTube and blogs. I basically start out by seeing what’s hot on social media, then I reflect on what I want to see or do, map out a plan, and seek advice from flight centre about flight prices to make final decisions. (mainly for big trips of +2weeks).

4. Make a commitment to travel with or without friends. This is a real issue for many people that I have spoken to. I was in the same boat where I would make plans with friends and then they drop out one by one until your left alone and cancel. One day I decided time was not waiting for me so I booked my first solo trip to New York and LA. It was so scary at first but boy did I have a blast. I made tons of friends and never looked at solo travelling the same again. Sometimes you just need to start journeying towards your goal and you will be surprised who will join you on the way.

5. Change your mind set about travelling. This is the best learning experience I have ever had. I have learnt more about myself, humanity and the reality of life since starting traveling. I have met amazing people, tasted exotic cuisines, experienced a unique way of living and learnt a whole lot of history in much fun settings than classrooms. Yes, traveling can be expensive but you can also do it on a low budget. Yes, it is tiresome but so is everything else. Yes, jetlag is real but so is work. I say live a little more and see the world in a whole new light.

A date with Sphinx is always memorable.

These are thoughts from my own experiences. I am sure there are other strategies people use to keep travelling. Please feel free to share any other knowledge. We can always learn from each other. One love:-)

Live your colourful adventure!

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  • Rosemary says:

    Thank you for a beautiful,detailed information🤓🤓
    So when you travel S.O.L.O how do you take your (Beautiful)own pictures??

    • Sanyu says:

      I’m glad Rosemary. With pictures when solo travelling, I frame the picture and ask a stranger to take it or use a tripod and set a timer on my camera. Hope this helps. One love

  • Nancy Poni says:

    Wow feeling inspired! Gal, I really got the passion for travels and adventure but had no clue how to make it happen. This is so helpful to me at least….

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