The gift of Colour

By May 9, 2017 April 15th, 2020 Travel

Colour makes the heart smile.

I have always loved colour, in fact I live and breath my life in colour whether its to do with travel, fashion or other aspects of my life. I believe it is a gift we have been given on earth for free.

I mean could you possibly imagine a world without the blue turquoise waters in the sea/ocean or the green and brown trees or the yellow sun or the vibrantly colourful life deep down in the ocean or the coloured stones/gems we find on earth?? Well I couldn’t.

I am so grateful that we have the privilege to enjoy colour in all aspects of life. Colour brings joy to my heart, it makes us smile, it is friendly, fun, it gives us light in our dark days, it gives us hope that there is a better day. It is a promise that God will always have our back. Man,… what a beautiful world we live in, because of colour.

I was inspired to write this little blog after visiting Wynwood walls park in Miami. It was amazing to see how colour brought life to the artistic pieces on the wall. Most importantly, I loved how it translated to the people that came in to be inspired. So here are a few pictures taken while I was there to remind me and anyone else about the power of colour. Enjoy:-)

Live your colourful adventure!

Colour is sunny.

Colour is beautiful.

Colour is Love.

Colour is fun.

Please feel free to share your favourite walls when you visited Miami or make suggestions of other walls you have seen in other parts of the world. Sharing is caring.

One love.

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